Ki-tae spends a couple of days closed in the bathroom, training, working out, and you will attacking monotony

The guy weakens and you will hallucinates his friends and family stating exactly how sick they are out-of your, once you understand none of them can come and you will conserve your. For a moment the guy rewards upwards considering Jang-mi, however, recalls their battle and you will loses vow. The guy depends on a floor and you can seats out, just as we noticed him on top of the newest event.

At your home that nights, Jang-mi getaways a glass and you may flashes to are family by yourself because the children, in which she bankrupt a cup and you may reduce her ft improperly. She actually starts to cleanup however, will get a detrimental perception, and you may rushes out over Ki-tae’s put.

There’s no respond to whenever she knocks, very Jang-mi allows herself in the and you can creeeeps from the apartment, Ki-tae’s admonishment off the lady edge-crossing echoing inside her direct

She calls aside you to definitely she is sorry, but she is actually worried due to the fact she after nearly passed away by yourself during the household whenever she are five, which explains the girl anxiety about getting by yourself.

She tries to rouse him, and then he spends the very last off their fuel so you’re able to grasp her into the a rigorous kiss

As Jang-mi discussions, Ki-tae rouses adequate to feebly hookup sites free legit require assist. She holds a blade and pries the door open, losing they whenever she sees him lying half-inactive on to the ground.

A monument meal are defined before an image off a noteworthy-searching older guy. Throughout the records, s on all the suffering he’s caused the girl. Ki-tae falls on the memorial feast, sprinkling restaurants every-where, given that a group of girls make an effort to keep Jang-mi from him.

Jang-mi assists a failing and stumbling Ki-tae so you can their car, headed to your health, also hoisting your right up for a great piggyback as he proves too feeble to walk. It encounter Se-ah, who had been plus worried and you will stumbled on check into him, and you may Jang-mi explains exactly how he had been trapped regarding toilet for two months.

Ki-tae claims he is fine and you will doesn’t need a health care professional, however, Jang-mi simply nature hikes him onto the woman back, ha. Se-ah drives them to a medical facility, scarcely that features this lady eyerolls since Jang-mi fusses over Ki-tae in the seat.

Your physician declares your okay, regardless if Se-ah (who is plus a doctor) advises your to remain for enough time to get rid of his IV given that the guy have not ingested in two months. ily is on ways, and you may Ki-tae asks Se-ah to visit while you are advising Jang-mi to stay. They are carrying it out due to their going involvement, however, Se-ah are affronted getting overlooked in support of Jang-mi.

Ki-tae’s mother, grandmother, and you will aunt are available and pretty much fault Jang-mi with the simple fact that they remain having to meet in the new Er. Jang-mi teaches you he try locked in the bathroom and you will Ki-tae says she in fact conserved him, but merely Grandma many thanks the girl. Sis Mi-jung nevertheless isn’t really to buy some of that it, and gives Jang-mi the new common “I am enjoying you” sign given that people get-off.

Toward push family, Grandma requires them to activity because of their lower body-jerk blaming regarding Jang-mi, and tells them that she is good lady just who is really worth the newest benefit of the latest doubt. Sis Mi-jung says to Mom that they is always to help him or her, if only while the opposing the wedding tend to push Ki-tae to the Jang-mi even more challenging. Granny states they must become familiar with the woman, and that i hate how easily Mother agrees. She’s got anything up the woman arm…

The following day Jang-mi tours her bicycle house, almost crashing when she notices Ki-tae’s mommy conversing with the woman mother exterior, thanking the lady to own a benefit. Jang-mi and her mom check out the eatery, where Jang-mi are advised one to she’ll be providing Ki-tae’s family members along with his grandfather’s art gallery. Jang-mi protests however, Mom claims she should begin accumulating brownie issues as quickly as possible. Inside desperation, Jang-mi informs the girl mothers that the woman is not marrying Ki-tae, even so they think this woman is lying to leave away from providing. Its identical glares out of disbelief is actually a-riot.