Insane Ex-Girlfriend Supervisor on Recasting Greg, Rebecca’s Brand-new ‘Fancy Quadrangle’

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Warning: these blog post have spoilers for saturday’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Oh hello, Greg! Hold Off… that‘s Greg?

Saturday’s wild Ex-Girlfriend trip finale cut back Rebecca’s former fire Greg for the first time since period 2 — nevertheless now he’s played by Pitch Perfect star Skylar Astin, whom stages in for earliest cast representative Santino Fontana. In genuine Crazy Ex trend, the event leaned to the absurdity of it all, with Rebecca maybe not acknowledging Greg initially, making the recast a statement about how radically our perceptions of men and women can alter eventually. (He’s not even the same person!)

Rebecca and Greg started fresh with a get-to-know-you duet — “hi, good in order to meet you/You’ve already been within me,” she performed — as well as after she confessed to sleep with Greg’s father, the two didn’t totally close the entranceway on a potential rekindling. With yet another love interest now in Rebecca’s orbit, TVLine reached out to showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna to get the scoop on the huge Greg recasting, what his return way for Rebecca’s currently confusing relationship — and everything we can get observe in the rear half of the last month.

TVLINE | There isn’t seen Greg since way back in month 2. When did you initially decide he had to return, in some form?

Well, we’d constantly believe their own adore relationship would die someplace during month 2, but we were likely to carry on their quest towards finding out which he was actually an alcohol, and towards sobriety. We probably would’ve used every one of Season 2 to do that. Much like Josh and Nathaniel, her stories don’t end whenever they’re maybe not sleeping with Rebecca. So we got a lot of things we wished to carry out with Greg, after which Santino had a need to push to nyc, therefore we accelerated all that storyline at the outset of month 2 and wrapped it up. But we had always desired to carry on informing their tale, as well as their facts, therefore as soon as we happened to be [writing] this season, we believed, “We could…”

We didn’t would like to do it just to recast. We felt like we’d an opportunity to do something different, and do it the way in which works best for all of our tv show. Therefore, the concept is that it’s a first-person tv show: It’s all a whole lot filtered through this lady understanding. Very she perceives your as various — first and foremost, because when you will find an ex you haven’t seen for 2 many years, they usually feel and look different, but because he’s changed a whole lot, and he’s developed a whole lot, in which he is a new type of people, in a manner. After that everything you determine after the event is the fact that they’ve both altered, hence’s the reason why the guy appears thus dissimilar to her. it is just as much the truth that she’s altered just like the proven fact that he’s altered.

TVLINE | will you feel Skylar Astin gives an alternate strength to the character than Santino did?

Or perhaps is it still like creating for similar fictional character?Oh, I believe the guy delivers a different sort of electricity to your part, but that is furthermore because the fictional character’s a unique man. He’s experienced recuperation for just two many years, he’s started attending weekly meetings, he’s heard lots of reports that are way bad than their. In my opinion it is broadened his humanity, thus we’re writing your in different ways. And exactly how we’re composing him meets Skylar really well, because In my opinion the guy exudes an evolved intelligence and a warmth that Greg apparently produced when he was at Atlanta. That’s not saying that Santino couldn’t bring played it better, but Skylar does bring an enjoyable top quality into the role and a wonderful connection to Rachel. He merely participate in the party here constantly. It’s rather amazing. To come into a show so late, and two seconds after, you’re playing paintball using cast… [Laughs]

TVLINE | Did you actually get in touch with Santino? I know he’s hectic playing Tootsie, but…We didn’t get in touch with him to experience the component, since entire idea was this was played by a different sort of actor. That’s that which was enjoyable to us. But we didn’t desire your to-be amazed, therefore, the first thing we performed were to let him know we’d feel recasting the part. And then he and Skylar tend to be pals. They performed a show with each other, in order for’s wonderful.