How old become your Lifeline Concorde electric batteries? Like everyone else explained.

I’ve 16 associated with very same battery packs, and I furthermore practiced several of just what you happen to be explaining with unequal battery charging.

With mine, i am aware they are sulfated to several degrees, so that possess caused a few of the imbalanced charging you voltages. I got myself my personal Lifelines at a minimal terms as «NEW», but they have seated for a long time and are profoundly released before I previously had gotten all of them. I additionally finished up placing my charge voltages at lowest conclusion of Lifeline’s ideas, to ensure I would personallyn’t overcharge a number of the battery packs.

Performs OK for a crisis backup electric battery program that will be seldom neeed, however they are definitely not the things I’d would you like to be determined by for daily off grid living. Some day, i really hope receive a brand new group of battery packs to get off to the best begin (and bring excellent care of all of them).

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Here’s Edward’s «keyturbocars» thread in which the guy did a bunch of analysis and testing a setup to recoup Lifeline AGM batteries:

When the batteries in show (and match) were awfully mismatched (i.e., great power supply in series with sulphated battery pack) could cause the unbalanced charging where one power supply is actually charging at «low voltage» together with other at «high voltage».

Charging/recovering batteries individually might help. Also matching electric batteries by ability («high» ability in one single sequence, «low» capacity in the next series string) might help too.

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I go along with Costs. Managing each power independently may be beneficial. I did they and it did help my situation. Even so, my personal battery packs happened to be to date visited get started with that the scenario continues to be perhaps not fantastic. Everything is much better however.

In case the battery bank was newer and also in better situation subsequently mine, after that wanting to equalize each power supply independently per Lifeline’s treatment might supply accomplishment.

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Latest I examined the sleeping current these were within .01 to .10 of every additional. (really my batteries never «rest»). Only examined (7:25 PM).. Neg area match battery packs at 12.75v, .07 to .10 raised above all the battery packs with about a 150w to 200w load.

I bought 1st two batteries March ’10 additionally the last sequence of four in Oct ’10. (incidentally, a couple of chain had discharged battery packs (12.5 – 12.7). I wasn’t pleased to need compensated that kinda funds for new electric batteries after which need spend several days billing all of them before I could make use of them).

In general, i am ecstatic with one of these small Lifeline electric batteries..

We have another little 4-battery-12v-system of Costco wet cell electric batteries. Touch higher altogether amp many hours versus Lifelines but of course, they just are unable to bring a lot of a load for extended when compared to lifelines

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Your own batteries had been (consequently they are) in much better form than my own were. If memory serves me best, i do believe the my battery packs were reading as low as 11.5V once I took all of them from the boxes. They sat for 2 AGE before i purchased all of them. Various other electric batteries had been larger, nevertheless they had been all around us. They were all low!

I thought I found myself obtaining a good deal having to pay around 1/3 rate (acquiring 3 for price of 1)!. In actuality I was spending a large amount for scrap lead! UGH! It’s amazing at how good they usually have appear around all things looking at, however they are not really whatever they must. Someday we propose to do it right. For now, these are generally adequate for what Now I need.

As time goes by, I would like to see several strings on the 6V Lifeline GPL-6CT (large tennis cart dimensions) being ranked at 300A/H each. This time around, i’ll make sure that they are factory fresh as well as from exact same whole lot. And I also’m gonna manage all of them as if they are made from SILVER!

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Thank you and you will reveal David the drawing.

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I’m not a fan of combination trapping batteries various chain. I like to help keep each sequence as separate.

Crosstrapping helps it be tougher to recognize a power supply supposed poor. Additionally, it keeps a better probability of taking out fully extra great batteries since the terrible power begins raising the cost voltage on various other electric batteries. You’ll juggle electric batteries around sometimes to match upwards series connected voltage per power supply and current for every single sequence.

I have ten strings of four show 12v electric batteries (forty battery packs).

We have 100 amp shunts on unfavorable contribute for each regarding the strings and keep track of each electric batteries current frequently. You will find a typical 500 amp shunt for a trimetric monitor.

I’ve two synchronous strings per cart (about 550 lbs per cart) with 350 amp Anderson connector for each of five carts. Carts take casters therefore it is simple to extract the Anderson connector and roll just one cart out for services.

Each cart are 27″ lengthy, 24″ high, and 15″ rich thus doesn’t fill up excess area from wall surface. Welded all five together, mostly from salvaged bed frame angle metal.

Become running this config for around fifteen years. The 5th cart at much right was actually an after increase and never coordinated for cable length but There isn’t much current difference considering low current per string making use of 2/0 interconnects.